The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe

Hi, I'm Maria Filipe and I'm a Portuguese Textile Artist / Indie Crafter.
I have a degree in Fine Arts - Sculpture.

I am passionate about textile materials.
My work combines Sculpture, Craft and Jewellery and Accessories design.
I'm inspired by many random things like food, toys, fashion, textile traditional crafts..

"The Fabulous Creations of Maria Filipe", is a brand where you can find handmade, one of a kind, and colorful, wearable, artistic and humorous textile accessories.

Here you can find my work.

Thanks for your visit!
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Went fishing

Mermaid Art Doll brooch

" Red Fish ” needle felted kawaii brooch

Yellow goldfish" needle felted kawaii brooch

" Emerald green Fish ” needle felted kawaii brooch

" Magenta Fish ” kawaii needle felted brooch

If you haven't thought of it yet, consider writing a book. Either a cofee table book with just photos or a crafts tutorial book.
mariafilipecastro mariafilipecastro Said:

Hi! It would be lovely to write a craft book. What a lovely suggestion! When the time is right I will surely do it! Thank you for your message!

Asker asofnowrite Asks:
Wow you're designs are amazing. Have you ever thought of doing stuffed animals? That would be cool too!
mariafilipecastro mariafilipecastro Said:

Hi! In fact I have thought of it, but I transformed the stuffed animals into bracelets… :) But it is in my project list of things to do to create some cute softies.Thank you for your kind message!

" Pink Heart ” needle felted kawaii brooch

" Pink Flower ” kawaii needle felted brooch

Blue Flower" needle felted kawaii brooch

Asker xxblaiarxx Asks:
How do you come up with all these amazing ideas?!
mariafilipecastro mariafilipecastro Said:

Hi! You are too kind! I’ve always had a fascination for colorful and shiny things, plastic toy food, tiny doll accessories… (I still do). But then you grow up and suddenly it’s not suppost that you keep liking these things like when you were a kid. I guess I’ve always been searching for a way to make it acceptable for adults to embrace their inner child! Thank you so much for your message! It’s always a wonderful motivation boost… :)

Asker minniejoii Asks:
What made you want to become a textile artist? And you're amazing by the way 👍
mariafilipecastro mariafilipecastro Said:

Hi! Well, that is a good question… I didn’t just decide to be one. My family life ( my mother is a seamstress) and choosing Sculpture in Fine Arts College are two very important factors in my artistic medium choice. I’ve discovered in college that I loved hand sewing when adding a textile detail in one of my pieces. That made me feel almost in a zen state of mind, starting exploring textile materials made very sense at the time… until now. It’s a great feeling making things with your hands, drawing with threads and sculpting with wool… Well I hope I’ve answered your question… I did my best to make it short! Thank you so much for your message and for the support! Maria Filipe

Did you ever make a manatee?
mariafilipecastro mariafilipecastro Said:

Hi! To be honest… I’ve never thought of it! But I’ll surely put it on my list of things To Do! Thanks for your message! Best, Maria Filipe

" Daisy “, kawaii needle felted brooch